Skitour Toinigspitz / Virgental / PrägratenSchitour Toinigspitz, 2.666m

Tour Description

In Praegraten in the villages saw or the tennis courts park the car. On the forest path (Sommerweg Trail) to Lasnitzenhütte (the avalanche trenches here – particularly in hard and icy conditions – pose a special challenge).

Change Immediately after the Lasnitzenhütte on the other side of Lasnitzenbaches and drive the Kriselachtal. Here steep and demanding the summer path following higher, to the wide area in the range Fountain of Youth and Gschlöslas stoan is appreciated.

Keep on the direction West einhaltend, now not as steep, the repellent (short) Heading to the southwest flank of the Tonigspitzes. This edge is accessible only with ABSOLUTELY SAFE conditions. Once the ridge is reached, this along (Crampon highly recommended) quite tricky to the top of Toinigspitz.

Rise time (from the village): Depending on your condition 4 to 5,5 Hours.

GPS Track

GPS Track Toinigspitz downloaden

Shovel, Probe, LVS – geht niemals ohne diese Grundausrüstung auf Schitour!

Skitour Toinigspitz / Virgental / Prägraten Skitour Toinigspitz / Virgental / Prägraten Skitour Toinigspitz / Virgental / Prägraten

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