Skitour Obersulzbachtörl

Schitour Obersulzbachtörl, 2.918m

Tour Description

From the parking area Groder (1.480m) along the roadway on the Venedigerbrücke (1.680m) and past the Morfa pastures (1.885m) and the cross Gumpach (1.991m) to Johannishütte (2.121m).

About the Zettalunitzbach and up to the crossroads behind the hut, continues north through the village along the Dorfertal Erbaches. Now something to winning amount under the ice giants Large Happ and Big Geiger to the left and to the right GROßVENEDIGER a wide left turn descriptive in now northwesterly direction always higher.

We adhere to the valley floor and always looking for the best way. In not too great distance we see before our goal. Last somewhat steeper switchbacks on the Obersulzbachtörl. The descent takes place along the rise down to Johannishütte and further into the valley.

Rise time: Depending on your condition 5 to 6,5 Hours.

GPS Track

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Shovel, Probe, LVS – geht niemals ohne diese Grundausrüstung auf Schitour!

Download the .gpx file (We are not liable for incorrect data) and in particular the use of the track is at your own risk and does not replace the knowledge of how to deal with Maps and certainly not the knowledge and experience in the wintry terrain (Avalanche danger!).

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