Skitour Kreuzspitze / Virgental / Prägraten
Schitour Kreuzspitze, 3.155m

Tour Description

By car or taxi to the parking lot Groder meadow or more depending on the season (as the GPS track) as is consistent with the road conditions hold. Past the Morfa pastures (1.885m) up to Gumpachkreuz (1.991m) and the road parallel to a cattle grid (as. 2.020m). Here we turn sharp right from the track to the east and it goes steeply in the Zopatkessel. Surrounded by Zopatspitze, Tulpspitze and Kreuzspitze We control the Tulpscharte (2.948m) to.

As soon as there is an opportunity, we swing (before reaching the col) south and cross the northern slope of the cross-peak (only AVALANCHE SAFETY conditions! – otherwise the Tulpscharte must be the goal).

If this hurdle, we reach the ridge between Schernes head (3.043m – is pleasant to take simple as a further three thousand here) and Kreuzspitze. This western ridge towards the summit along and up to the top. Departure (Note RELATIONSHIPS!!!) head through the north slopes, in fine powder is a truly royal experience!

Rise time (from Groder meadow Parking): Depending on your condition 3 to 4,5 Hours.

GPS Track

GPS Track Kreuzspitze downloaden

Shovel, Probe, LVS – geht niemals ohne diese Grundausrüstung auf Schitour!

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Download the .gpx file (We are not liable for incorrect data) and in particular the use of the track is at your own risk and does not replace the knowledge of how to deal with Maps and certainly not the knowledge and experience in the wintry terrain (Avalanche danger!).

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