Closer to the roaring Isel. With the ability to extend a hearty cottage for Clara.

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Starting point is the (toll) Park­platz in Ströden, Terminus of the bus line and the rearmost point Virgentals, which can be reached by car on public roads. From Hinterbichl you need to walk to the parking lot about half an hour.

Approximately 30 Minuten geht es auf breitem Al­menfahrweg zu den Jausenstationen Islitzer Alm und Pebell Alm. The first ten minutes are a bit steep, But one can ever take another left on a small viewing platform a first look at the raging Isel and doing a bit of a breather. Then it's almost as far as the Talhintergrund with the two snack bars.

Nach der Brücke zwischen Islitzer Alm und Pebell Alm geht es rechts über den bekannten Was­serschaupfad (Water School) Umbalfälle in z. T. violent steps up. On a small bridge, we are happy to stay, to feel the spray of the Great Falls the river is like fine dust lifted up against the canopy. Mehrere Aussichtsplattformen laden zu weiteren Ge­nuss­pausen direkt über dem tosenden Wasserfall ein.

The young Isel here has flushed strange formations in the rock and throws rainbows glittering against the dark background. Boards along the way explain the animal- and fauna along this natural spectacle, and, the reading and viewing eased the steep climb. After the waterfall opens an idyllic plateau, The extensive to rest on the rock crosses grass invites.

Good to go? What speaks against, diese Tour zu einer sanften Tagestour zur Clarahütte aus­zudehnen? In less than 2 Stunden geht es von hier aus ohne Schwierigkeiten zu einer der äl­testen Schutzhütten im Venedigergebiet.
Anyone who wants to enjoy the beautiful trail along the falls again, increases in the opposite direction from the two snack bars. Pleasant it is beyond the forest, runs along the edge of the plateau, and leads to a moderate slope in a number of loops below.


  • Little exhausting tour to shrink, für An­fänger oder innerhalb eines Ruhetags entlang der wildromantischen Umbalfälle (Wasser­schau­pfad); Ge­samtgehzeit der Grundvariante: as. 3h, who starts directly in Hinterbichl, sollte ins­gesamt 1h dazu rechnen; Meters: Parkplatz Ströden – Snack Bars: as. 110 m; Jau­senstationen – Show the water path 150 m.
  • Absolutely critical, no hazards.
  • Well-developed road, some care in the most humid water viewing path is announced.


  • Day trip to the Clara Cabin. After the plateau above the falls, there is initially steep switchbacks about four 200 Meters height. After that, the way a cozy, and it comes in a gentle slope to the long drawn Clara Cabin. When the weather is this way easily. Walking out of the snack stations: 2½ Std., Rückweg etwa 1¾ Std.; as. 520 Meters. Descent to ascent.