Der «Murmeltiertrail» hoch über Prägraten.

This slight, some stamina requiring tour is suitable for families. On Wiesachweg is almost always a significant marmot population found, Kinder haben daran meist viel Spaß.

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To Bodenalm are about 600 To overcome altitude, but the stretch through a travel time of about 3 Hours: So it comes to not so terribly steep.
As described in the circular walk Hinterbichl-Unterbichl, We proceed then to Unterbichl, then we follow the signposted path towards Sajathütte or. Bodenalm. After a short steep section through the wall of the paths at the fork Lunitsch separate. We turn to the right – the path can not miss.
Now it is in uniform but gentle slope soon from the forest out to the Wiesachweg about Praegraten. The higher we come, the more beautiful the panoramic view is on the opposite Lasörlinggruppe.

Just before the Bodenalm it is once again very briefly a little steeper, but now we are already thinking yes to the hearty dishes from the local cuisine, and refreshing drinks, that await us on this well patronized Mountain.

The way back is normally on the ascent route. Who in the capital Praegraten has Quartier, is possibly of the Bodenalm. dismount to Wallhorn. In addition, you can also Unterbichl from down the valley and out to the Isel to Hinterbichl.

Anyone who has ever walked the trail from Hinterbichl Unterbichl after x-time, can shorten the Tour: Parking in Unterbichl and from there into 2 Hours Bodenalm.