A circular route with variations.

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The starting point of this little tour round, we certainly can vary slightly savory, The inn is in Islitzer Hinterbichl. Dort führt eine Fahrstraße ein Stück in das Hinterbichler Dorfertal, direction as the trail or Johannishütte. Stabanthütte is signposted.

We follow the paved road to the old road to the right Johannishütte focus continues as a gravel path.

A piece we go on this way and are nearing the bottom in a gentle slope of the quarry. Just before the meadow cross a narrow footpath leads steeply upward, aus­geschildert in Richtung Stabanthütte und Bichl. Nach wenigen Augenblicken geht es auf dem schmalen Steig ohne bedeutende Höhen­un­ter­schiede weiter.

After circling around a large boulder, we must not overlook the beautiful vantage point on the side of the valley. On the bench, which is situated here, can be a first catch up and watch the goings-on in Hinterbichl.

The road is now gradually wider and strives to nearly horizontal Bichl. We pass a relatively new building with stables, to the left of the steep path leads up to Stabanthütte. We are leisurely stroll out to Bichl and have taken at a leisurely pace hardly more than an hour.

Im «Buffet zum Edelweiß», an expanded snack bar – we can stop.

After spending the first part of the circular path have graduated in height, Now we get off to Prägraten (½ Stunde) and arrive at the leisure center (Refreshments) on the Isel. In the cozy Auenweg we wander without any effort in about an hour on the left bank back to Hinterbichl. A wooden bridge, we reach the campsite and find us a few steps back to our starting point.


  • Little exhausting tour to shrink, für An­fän­ger oder innerhalb eines Ruhetags; Ge­samt­gehzeit der Grundvariante: as. 3 Hours; Hö­henmeter: Hinterbichl – Bichl: as. 140 m Auf­stieg.
  • Absolutely critical, no hazards.


  • A visit is worth the Stabanthütte! Much more demanding is the round trip is not so!
  • As described up to the building with stables and down steeply to the left up into the forest. Der Trampler trifft etwas später auf den neu aus­ge­bauten Forstweg, the leads to the hut. In addition, you also can go to almost the same speed walk. The final grinding of the track, you can save yourself: über einen kurzen Steil­an­stieg kommt man schnell zu der aussichtsreichen Hütte mit vorzüglichen Schmankerln. Then it goes to the forest after Bichl and further described in the itinerary (More time needed: as. 1¼ h).
  • Hearty extension: Described to Bichl as in the basic variant, danach über den Wiesachweg bis zur Bodenalm. Path is well signposted and.