Three stamps for hiking pin – and maybe something for braggart…

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Granted, Dreialmentour klingt an­spruchs­voll, you can cut a bit with this expression; but: This tour takes in one fell swoop three stamps for a hiking pin, was gerade auf Kinder oft moti­vierend wirkt.

In Hinterbichl überqueren wir hinter dem Cam­pingplatz die Isel, turn left and rise to the hub a short walk steeply up into the woods. In the forest we go back to the right. Shortly afterwards, the path leads back down to the Isel, over a meadow and then slightly uphill in the forest up. High above a canyon at Ströden we can enjoy at a viewpoint a look into the foaming Isel.

It goes down again, und neben einer Absperrung steigen wir über ein paar rutschige Stufen nach unten und passieren die Holzbrücke. Auf der anderen Seite der Isel erreichen wir den Almenfahrweg, biegen nach links ab und gelangen nach einem kurzen Steilanstieg und einer guten Viertelstunde die Islitzer Alm.

Children will find ways to play, exactly as in the Pebell-Alm a stone's throw away, which has a small petting zoo. Both Jausenstationen also lure with a rich menu with heartier fare Osttiroler.

After a good snack and already two hut stamps we hike back on the track in just over a quarter of an hour out of the valley until after Ströden.
Immediately after the cattle gate, we turn to the left into Maurertal and strolling in gentle increase in less than half an hour to Stoanalm, which may come in handy for coffee and cake. If we like something and have a little luck, there is here even house music.
On the way back we go back to Ströden, and because it is not fun, to run on the road to Hinterbichl, we turn again a little bit towards Islitzer Alm. If the left-fence is over, can be found here the descent to Isel, and we reach the road, we have taken from Hinterbichl from under the feet.


walk or. walks, really for a day off or when a simply in the mood for hearty fare is Osttiroler. Well suited for families with children! Times: Hinterbichl – Islitzer- or Pebell-Alm ca. 1¼h; Islitzer-Alm – Stoan­alm: ¾h; Stoanalm – Hinterbichl: 1h; Meters: un­be­deutend. Absolutely critical, keinerlei Gefahrenpunkte. Wege gut ausgebaut.

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One can the performance and Islitzer-Alm. decide Pebell-Alm, to have a good physical condition and then turns towards Clara hut, as. 2:30 of the two pastures of.
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