The 10 Bids for hikers / climbers

  1. Unternimm not hike without proper hiking equipment.
  2. Give before departure your accommodation provider in the high mountains, the route, The aim of the walk, the use of protective- and pastures and the time of return is known, so that in case of your absence, nobody needs to worry and search operations, the amount of time to complete and result in high costs, can be avoided.
  3. Unternimm never a dangerous mountain tour as a loner, because you are in an emergency is no possibility of "first aid" have with other people.
  4. Take long trips in addition to sufficient food and a flashlight or a bandage with a whistle, so you are in an accident (Inability to walk) next to the emergency "means" are also capable of, The alpine emergency signal to be visually or audibly.
  5. The Alpine Notsignal is:
    RUF: In a minute 6 same character
    ANSWER: In a minute 3 same sign at equal intervals
    See accident report
  6. Let accompany you in difficult mountain climbs and tours of a mountain guide.
  7. The dumping of garbage, particularly from bottles, Glassy, Canning, etc., in the pasture areas, Mountain terrain and on roads to be strictly avoided.
  8. The discharge of stones on mountain slopes is always a danger to humans or animals, and beneath it is therefore to be avoided in any case.
  9. Note the strict conservation law, especially the plant protection.
  10. Dog leash please necessarily. For the safety of marmots and sheep.

Summary of the 10 Bids for climbers

  • Adequate mountain gear
  • Bandage
  • Flashlight, Whistle
  • Clothing for temperature drop
  • sufficient liquid
  • March route, Arrival and –time to announce someone
  • No dangerous mountain tour as lone wolf
  • Alpines Notsignal: 6 same characters per minute (Response are 3 same sign at equal intervals per minute)
  • In difficult or tours. Climbing guide to hire
  • Do not throw garbage
  • Nature Conservation Act notice
  • Dog leash